Thursday, June 30, 2005

Red & White

All about a trip to Borders and purchasing a book titled ' Making Journals by Hand' by Jason Thompson. It is a fabulous book. The stamping on this spread is done with the two ends of a cut dried up old parsnip which sat on my kitchen window sill for about a week. No parsnip lovers here.


YummY! said...

The parsnip stamps give the look of bubbles.

YummY! said...

RYC: Nope. The Jack Russel was a dog at work. (I work at a pet store, but instead of buying from breeders we take in unwanted dogs and puppies.)

He was a trouble maker who liked to run away from you, and that particular sketch was done on a day where he escaped me, then a customer let him out of the store!

He quickly found a home, but might be coming back to us soon, as he recently bit his new owner, and his owner is now very uncomfortable with him.

pedalpower said...

Beautiful page. What a great idea...I am getting so many inspiring ideas reading your blog.