Thursday, August 18, 2005

More of EDM

Here goes with numbers one, fifteen and twenty seven.


wolfwoman said...

Hi Clare - Great job! and VERY colorful.

carla said...

Hi Clare,

This is wonderful! I love how you're combining the different challenges to catch up...the pieces in this one turned out great. I love the shoes with their round toes, and you did such a great job on the pages of the book.

I read that you're taking a drawing class. I am planning to do the same thing...I really want to develop more confidence about sketching in public. Your work is really looking good. I'm loking forward to seeing more stuff!

Thanks for visiting my blog and being so encouraging. It means a lot to me :>


vfm4 said...

lovely red boots, nice drawing.. !

but i just went to your cloth doll site, Clare: WOW! i love those santa's! and that little sailorgirl... so cute!