Friday, September 23, 2005

EDM challenge # 31 again

I have done another picture for challenge no: 31. My husband and I hate throwing things away and we both have collections of all sorts of interesting and non-interesting stuff. This is a tiny portion of my antique china. I am quite pleased with the way this drawing has turned out.


pedalpower said...

What a beautiful collection and dresser! I love this whole page. Thank you for your comments on my blog too!

Nita said...

I love the colors of the dishes popping out of the shelves. Nice job!

Leslie said...

This is really great, I love the idea of drawing the things we collect! I hope to have some more pages posted soon. After I got your note I was determined to learn how to scan my journal myself, so I got up this morning and "went to it", with good results. But I couldn't figure out how to resize and edit, so I had to wait until Sally got up. Now I just need the time to do the things she showed me! I'll let you know when I've posted.thanks for keeping in touch.