Wednesday, October 26, 2005

EM Challenges: 23. 34. 35& 37

The Autumn leaf has more reddish purple colouring in real life.

Cover Up

October has been a particularly awful month for me. Some times when I have too much go wrong and I can't focus on the important stuff in life I get so overwhelmed that the only way out for me is to write my way through the crap.
This is what I found myself doing in my lovely new Moleskine . I knew I did not want all that rotten, miserable stuff on these pages. It was either stick the pages together or do some type of cover up. As things started to improve for me I decided to write the positive stuff over the top of my depressing entries. I wrote with a different pen in a different colour and direction. Then I wrote things about me in coloured pencils in random directions, and drew and stamped a bit. Only I know what lies beneath the surface and I can reflect when necessary Knowing I have not ruined my Moley.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Reading Chair

And what could be a more fitting entry for my new journal than an Everyday Matters Challenge? Here is challenge no 30, draw a chair. I love this chair, we dont have comfy lounging chairs. We have two sofas instead, his & hers, sometimes I would love to curl up into a big, soft body-hugging chair like this and dream my dreams, draw my drawings or just laze the hours away. Hmmmm... Ah well..

New Beginnings

My brand new Moleskine,
Ready for some action. I am going to dive right in and see what I come up with.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Day

Another day in the life of Clare. I sooo enjoy my dinners in Melbourne with Edward. This evening was simply perfect............Special company, delicious food and a fantastic buy, extravagant but, I have to say I love this Moleskine. The paper is thick and I can't wait to get me pen into it. I have five pages left in my current journal and then on to christen the Moleskine...........

My Princesses


Here it is again with a little watercolour added and a favourite verse.