Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Baby

This is a teen photo of my little furbaby Lily. She is older now and refuses to have her photo taken. Ever since I bought my digital camera she has shied away from the camera. As soon as she hears the velcro opening she runs and hides. My guess is that she is frightened of the flash. Lily is terrified of thunderstorms and no-one or nothing can console her.
Below are her favourite sites. And just between you and me, (she'd be embarrassed if it got out), she has a huge crush on Bloke.
I wish she was as comfortable in front of the camera as Morran is.


Terri said...

Clare!! She is so adorable. I'm sure Bloke would be smitten if they met in person. :o) She has a lot more tan patches on her than Bloke does. Shame she's a bit scared of the camera. As you've probably noticed, Bloke's not. He's a ham. I think he performs for it. LOL Have you tried leaving the camera out where she can see it all the time? If she becomes familiar with it and the sounds it makes, she may learn to ignore it. I'll add your blog to my list of favourites so Bloke can keep an eye on his admirer. :o)

clare said...

OOh wait 'till I tell her Bloke will be keeping tabs on her, she will blush profusely. I will try the idea with the camera.