Friday, March 24, 2006

Gadding About

Some sketches of where we have been.
I found the little bear in a wood turning factory shop. I wanted to buy him but he was a gift to the owner. I googled in 'kay bojesen' and came up with the cute little guy, , however even I can't bring myself to pay $125US for a six inch teddie. I might try and make a similar looking bear out of leather.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Melbourne Zoo

Here are the pictures I drew after, (from photos I took), visiting the zoo. Drawn with HB & H pencil and slightly coloured with Derwent pastel pencils. I have many more animals I would like to draw.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Adrian and I took my favourite Pommy Cousin, Margaret, on a couple of short trips starting at Venus Bay, South Gippsland Victoria where we stayed three nights. Then on to the Melbourne Zoo for a day trip before returning home to rest up for a day, back in the car and up to Corowa NSW to visit Mum# 2 and John. The sketching opportunities were abundant but I am still too frightened to 'do it' in public, silly me! I am recapturing this little journey by drawing from memory and photos. Next posting will be of the Melbourne Zoo. Don't hold your breath waiting.

Daily Drawing

I seem to have little time to draw lately, yet all the time in the world! I lack the motivation to put pencil to paper. Here I managed to make a mark or two.