Monday, May 08, 2006

Challenge 65 Noses.

Holy Moses I see noses
Everywhere I go.
There's noses short and snubbed and tweaked
And long and lean on show.
There's piggy snouts, puppy noses, snotty schnozzles too-
And elephants noses, long as hoses
Posing at the zoo.
There's noses on faces
And noses in places
I did not expect them to be
And if I squint and look real hard
There's a nose in front of me!
copyright chansford2006.


Karen Winters said...

What a great Moleskine spread, Clare, and I love the addition of the toucan ... so witty!

clare said...

Thanks Karen, for your comment and the challenge.

Bonny said...

Hi Clare; I love your poem about noses - it really made me smile! I like all your noses and schnozzes, too! Lots of fun!
Hope your next Op goes very well. Come back to EDM when you are able... Take care of yourself!


Shelly McC said...

These are all fantastic! Great work!

Debby said...

Wow! I love all your sketches! Love your humour!

Anonymous said...

Clare, I just spent some time browsing your whole blog ... I really love your style of journaling! I'm just getting into drawing and sketching, and your journals have inspired me. I'm going to journal more often, with illustrations LOL! Thanks so much for sharing!


Sioux said...

Love the verse and the noses!!!

shirley said...

I love your noses, and especially the layout with squares for each nose and color for the toucan. The poem is perfect for the challenge and although I can't see the name of the author, it reminds me of the American poet Shel Silverstein.

clare said...

Thanks Shirley, I am the Author of the poem. I will look up Shel Silverstein though.

AnastasiaC said...

These are great nose sketches - the toucan is fun!

Teri C said...

Great noses and love the poem, it's perfect. You made it a dual challenge! And so much fun.

Lindsay said...

Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!