Wednesday, April 02, 2008

EDM Challenges are a challenge!

Lately I'm finding it challenging to get even one challenge completed. I desperately need to draw each and every day. So again I set myself the goal of drawing daily and the rest of the world will have wait their turn! So much happens in life and it is too easy for me to let my own plans, my desires fall by the wayside........ Well, "Tough Titties", I will draw every single day no matter what. I owe it to myself to indulge in at least one pleasure when life becomes difficult.

After a long break from drawing I have become rusty but practice will help me improve my skills.

Re-visiting some of my old sketchbook pages.

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Bonny said...

Clare, you HAVE been busy with your drawing! I'm impressed with your re-commitment to draw every day. I'm finding it hard enough to keep up with my watercolour class and my on-line class.

I particularly love your paintings of the houses. They have a Mediterranean feel about them. Love the colours, too!