Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing around with photoshop / Moly_x_ 25

These are some rough sketches I have come up with during the planning stages of my entry in Tracy's Moly. Sketched with 05 Zig pen, coloured in photoshop.

Bedroom in Arles was one of Vincent Van Gogh's favourite paintings, ,
It is one of my favourites too., particularly his first version, with it's sensuous colours and interesting angles. Melissa's picture frame kept coming into my mind as the window in Vincents bedroom and I have attempted to create my own version of 'Bedroom in Arles". At this stage it is very rough and scribbled.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

oooooooh, I love every version of the bedroom you've done. really gorgeous drawing. it is my favourite Van Gogh painting too. I've got it on a badge that I bought on a visit to Amsterdam.

clare said...

Yum, a nice badge to own! Thanks for visiting Andrea!!