Sunday, August 24, 2008

"5000" Visitors!

Amazing, I am speechless, if that is possible!

Fancy, 5000 visitors to my humble little sketch blog. I suppose if I count out my family and friends it might be a lot less, but, still, 5000 all the same. Oh, and that is from when I put the counter on in March 2006. So, there would have been a couple more since June 2005.

Thanks to all who have popped in to have a squiz, and 'specially to those who added comments and critique's & award it is all appreciated by me.

I have a new found enthusiasm to blog my stuff more regularly. I'm all revved up and ready to go finish some of my sketches to scan & beam 'em up!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Black On White

I am learning not to be so 'Precious' with my Journals
.....finally gave in to doodling in my watercolour Moleskine, I'm so pleased I did.
How silly to think it would spoil my book.
I like these black circles so much so that I did not want to stop making them and now I am finished I love looking at them.
Doodling patterns with circles, dots, blobs, lines and swirly bits is a wonderful and mesmerising pastime. Just the thing for stress relief and for me it is an enjoyable meditation.
I zone right out, get lost in the lines and feel serene.

I know him well.

Watercolour Moleskine

Owls are my favourite birds......

And then ducks come in at second....

New Journal Entries

Finally had some spare time to scan and post my latest entries in my Moleskine watercolour journal.

Trying out a new set of Winsor and Newton Cotman student W/Colours
In my first watercolour Moleskine...... I Love both!