Monday, October 06, 2008

Daily Zen

Taken from:
Daily Zen: Friday September 26, 2008

Where he lives is indeed most
Elegantly secluded,
And the people who live there
Have all attained tranquility.
Dense groves of bamboo line
Both sides of the road,
The clear brook flows by the hut.
How free and relaxed is the monk,
Having abandoned all the worry
And anxiety of the world,
The four meditations unite him
With Suchness so that he regards
Everything as illusory.
- Meng Hao-jan (689-765)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yo-yo's & cuttings

Tulips & Dandelions

And an odd looking chair.

Drawn from Dad's front verandah.

Sketching Dad's Garden #2

Sketching Dad's Garden

Taking care of someone you love is a privilege; taking care of some you love that is dieing is a privilege and a blessing.

My Sister, Jo and I nursed Dad in his own home for six weeks up until his death on Friday Sept 26, 2008. Dad never, ever once complained. His sense of humour was always there even when he couldn't talk well; he found a way to make us smile. He loved us and taught us so much during those final weeks.

We gave him a personal door bell to use to call us if he needed anything... It had the loudest alarm in a compact little box that we would cart around with us. He would not use the thing and had several falls trying his hardest to remain independent. After being scolded many times he decided to try out his new gadget.
Jo and I were sitting in the dining room, I was quietly drawing and she was doing her sudoku. Next thing a hideous screeching alarm pierced through the silent air * &*^%$ %$#@ *&#@^% we stared at each other for a split second and then both flew to his room in a panic. There he was sitting up in bed, confused look on his face..... We both thought something must be terribly wrong for him to finally give in to the bell. "What's wrong Dad, Do you need something?" we asked in unison. "Yes", he replies, "whose car is that in my driveway?" %$#@^*!

Later that day while he told Jo's husband the story he rang the alarm again!! Again we both flew off to his room on a mission of mercy................. Yes, he and Son in Law were sitting on the bed watching the clock to see how quickly we answered the call.

We all commented that he might not last as long as God was planning if he kept playing tricks on us!

My Hero, My Dad. I would spend any spare time wandering around Dad's big beautiful garden collecting things to sketch.

Derek The Duck

Amy and I were shopping for Birthday cards when she came across this one about
a Farting duck named Derek. He does all these loud farts for your birthday. Hmm, well of
course she bought it and of course she hasn't sent it to anyone.
I painted this one afternoon while Dad was sleeping. It kept me amused!

Time Out

Took some time out and went to the movies with Sarah, my Cousin Josie and her daughter Emma. We all got a good laugh.

Black Dog Revisited

Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Beautiful Dad

In Memory of My precious Dad.

The loving gifts you've given me as my father
have shaped my life and made me the person I am...
Your unconditional love, gentleness, strength of
character and kindness will continue to inspire me
throughout my own life.
You are always with me, Dad....
in my thoughts
in my heart,
in the very fabric of my life...
you are always with me.

Forever in my heart until we meet again.