Monday, December 01, 2008

Billy Boy

This gorgeous little / big bundle of pure 'Cuteness' is our second grandson,

Billy. H. Fisher. This is my first attempt at sketching him.

And this is the photo I copied from.


Sandy said...

What a CUTIE PIE and I think you captured him perfectly - such a special page in your journal I know he will Love too! Congratulations!! (I have 5 little grand boys and one girl!!)

Jan Allsopp said...

Clare, this is gorgeous, but I'm sorry, the real thing is just slightly more gorgeous! What a cutie! Oh, I do love your sketch. I love the touch of colour too. It reminds me that I used to (very occasionally) draw my girls while they were asleep. I must drag those drawings out again. This drawing will be so wonderful to have and to keep.

Jan Allsopp said...

When I clicked back for a final look I just had to say how I love the whole page spread you've done. Those soft blue and white striped 'horns' just make such a wonderful composition and add a beautiful sense of whimsy. Gorgeous!

clare said...

Thankyou Sandy & Jan for your comments. Wow five little wonderful! And a sweet little girl for them to 'spoil'.
I agree Jan, the real thing is perfect in every way. Don't ya just love the hats they have for babies now?

Margaret Ann said...

OOOOHY MY! Those big bright beautiful blue eyes....You must be in heaven! :) A sweet and precious journal spread! :)

Helènic Glauc said...

A beautiful child!
And in the picture, I see the wisdom of the grandmother. An special stamp of art. A vision of life.
Great pictures!