Monday, January 05, 2009

*Cupcakes for Jen*

My Niece Jenna.

December 20Th. I had lots of fun making these pretty little cupcakes for Jen's 21st Birthday party. I couldn't buy edible decorations I liked, at a price I liked even more, so, keeping the (KISS) rule in mind, I made these cute, wee icing flowers and hearts from Orchard Icing and tiny little cutters from Spotlight . EASY PEASY!I am pleased to report my little cakes disappeared in no time. And Jen loved them all especially the 'big' one with an icing figure of her lounging on top. :O)

I bought the gorgeous wire stands from Target on sale. The tray, printed with darling cupcakes cost me five bucks at the Reject Shop .

Being such a 'Hit' I made them all over again for New Years Eve.