Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finished in Alison's book.

In keeping with Alison's musical theme for her Moleskine in our Moly_x_25 exchange
I wanted to use a slip of old paper I had. It was shoved away with all those, "Might need one day" things. I was going to paste it into Alison's book and then draw over it....... But I couldn't......
Sorry Alison ;0), I might need it one day........ Next best thing was to draw it so I attempted to
render it onto the blank Moly pages. That done, I was not satisfied, it looked boring. So for a week or so the dull, lifeless pages sat on my desk waiting for inspiration to hit. I was way overdue with the posting deadline and beginning to think I would have to send it off as is and hope Melissa could rescue my efforts/lack of.
Eventually inspiration did come from the cover of a book I am currently re-reading,
'The Year of Wonders'by Geraldine Brooks. It's a story about the plague of 1666 and how it devastated the lives of hundreds of villagers in town of Eyam, in Derbyshire. I made the connection of book with paper through the use of Latin in both. And of course I adore the cover art: Amarilla by Frederic Lord Leighton .
Of course my Amarilla is nowhere near as sensuous as Leighton's but I am satisfied with what I have achieved and so pleased to be able to put the LONG OVERDUE Moly into the post.
1666 was a year of war, plague, and fire. In November 1666, John Dryden wrote an epic poem chronicling his year.
from, Annus Mirabilis
O let it be enough what thou hast done
When spotted deaths ran arm'd through every street,
With poison'd darts, which not the good could shun,
The speedy could outfly, or valiant meet.
The living few, and frequent funerals then,
Proclaim'd thy wrath on this forsaken place:
And now those few who are return'd agen
Thy searching judgements to their dwellings trace.
These words could have been penned in February 2009 after the horrific deaths and destruction caused by the bush fires we have experienced here in Victoria.

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