Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling Under The Weather Today...........

.......And because I had to go into town I was also feeling sorry for myself.
Big Time Pity Party was playing out in my head...

After doing the list of errands I realised I had not had breakfast so I treated myself to yummy raisin toast & a delish 'FAIRTRADE' coffee at my favourite cafe 'Peppers Deli & Cafe' . I perched on a stool at the sunny window bar and my thoughts turned to the Oxfam pamphlets on the counter. I read the info and began to see that I truly have no reason to feel sooo sorry for me. So what if I feel a Little bit unwell? I have a good Doctor who I can see any time. I have money to pay the doctor and money to buy medicines I might need. I live in a country where women have far more opportunities than those in third world countries! I dropped the self pity and began to feel very lucky to never have known what Poverty feels like!

I bought a 'White Band' there and then and vowed to do something positive to help this cause.
This morning reminded me of when I stayed a week in Melbourne with Amy & Glen.

I was too busy to do much shopping but having spotted a St Vinnies in Victoria Street I knew I would not be able to pass it on the tram everyday without a wee scrounge, if only once.
I did manage a scrounge and was disappointed I found nothing to satisfy my addiction for vintage stuff.

I did however spot the OXFAM on the other side of the street and on the Saturday before my return home Amy and I went there and bought the most gorgeous handmade zippered pouches/purses. Mine is a pencil case, (pic below), now. The goods in this shop are *Beautiful!*

I wanted to buy so much more but I decided to go back in November and buy some Christmas gifts. If everyone bought some of their Christmas gifts at an OXFAM SHOP imagine how much we would be helping our Sisters in other countries to support their families with dignity.

Oh and if you do go shopping there you should try the chocolate!!! Sensational!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Hard Decision

Do I sell Or keep

because these are things I may never aquire again?

Vintage 'Womens Day' Souvenier Edition of the 'Opera House Opening'. October 29 1973.

Vintage, pale pink, crochet collar raw silk blouse.
Very Vintage, 'Fifth Avenue' 'Granny Dress'.

These are some sketches in my Moly

Doodling in my Moly trying to design some characters for simple doll faces.

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Making wee Babushkas

I have been getting back into sewing of late. I stopped making my art dolls several years back because it was difficult to stuff them with 'rheumatoid fingers'. But I realised if I make something 'desirable' yet simple they are just as fabulous!. I Just don't know if I should sell or keep? I do become attached to my creations, after all, I am their Mum. Yes I have simplified my dolls, but the quality and originality are formost in my creations.

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