Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Hard Decision

Do I sell Or keep

because these are things I may never aquire again?

Vintage 'Womens Day' Souvenier Edition of the 'Opera House Opening'. October 29 1973.

Vintage, pale pink, crochet collar raw silk blouse.
Very Vintage, 'Fifth Avenue' 'Granny Dress'.


Amelia said...

oh keep, keep and keep. i am a notorious hoarder. thank you also for your comment on i op therefore i am. pls let me know if you are interested in joining in.

regards, Amelia

Jan Allsopp said...

I'd definitely keep the magazine. I'm a notorious hoarder too but I'm trying very hard not to. So my new self would probably only keep the clothes if they had been my Mum's. I'm really interested to know what others say about your dilemma. I have a whole house of similar problems!!!

Lillabilly said...

If it were me I wouldn't keep the clothes but I would DEFINATELY frame that gorgeous magazine and hang it. I just love the colours on that cover!