Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Much I want to do Today

And of course there is never enough time.

Just able to squeeze in a cup of tea brewed in my favourite teapot before I start on the next job.

I have a lot of baking to do for Sarah's 30th Birthday Party which is only two days away. Yesterday I made 98 sausage rolls and this morning I have made 48 egg & bacon tarts. I have gathered the ingredients and crushed the bikkies for the rumballs and will start thinking about making the 'Cup Cakes' Birthday Cake.

98 sausage rolls
48 Egg & Bacon Tarts

Ingredients for rumballs

These ones I made for another party.

don't have to do the salads, sweets or decorating cakes until the day of the party. I think we will have a Pav and I might, MIGHT get time to make the Scrumptious Icecream Berry Thing.

'Scrumptious Icecream Berry Thing'

I have some little 'Babybushka's' to finish for an order. I really want to get these done today if I possibly can.

Ebony the Emo & BabyBo unfinished.

There is washing spewing from the machine and the floors need to be mopped. The phone has rung twice and I have not even gone into the bedrooms to tidy and make the beds in preparation for visitors.

I have to go into town with Sarah to 'haggle' for her new 'Whizzy Bang', PFAFF sewing machine she is getting for her Birthday!!

After making dinner I really want to sit here at my 'puter with a glass of white and browse my favourite blogs!!