Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Bamboo Practice

I really quite like these wee little scribbles:
I can see there won't be too much house work done on this fine Saturday morning

Foxie tidied up a bit

Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing with the Wacom Tablet

I have had my Wacom tablet since last Christmas and have been too scared to use it. I had a dabble when it first arrived but then decided it was too hard to work out. Today I decided to try again and I have doodled a rather cool looking pic of my darling lily. 
Can anyone share some Bamboo Wacom Tablet tips with me? Please leave a comment if you do. Thank You. Clare.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ink and Pencil

Just playing around with my favourite toys and relaxing the best way I know how.
It is amazing what appears on the page when I don't think about or plan what I draw.
Two things always seem to happen, faces and circles.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Reality Check

Busy sewing little houses and making party food.
Here is a 'quickie' post, something to mull over.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scribbles, sayings, textures & practice.

Loving the feel of my ink pens.
Since starting Sketchbook Delight Course with Alisa Burke I have become re-aquainted with my love of
black ink pens. I find myself impatient for our evening meal to be done with so I can sit and doodle while
Mr H watches, 'helliloggers', swamp people, or one of the many, ick 'man shows' he loves.
I'm also obsessing over wee little houses and have been madly pinning, sewing and doodling the quaint little dwellings. Not sure what all of this is about or what it might lead to but I do know it's lots of relaxing & creative fun for me.

left side unfinished

Not 'High' but T, Cake & Atmosphere. A day in Melbourne.

Did go to Hopetoun Tea Rooms , did have cake and Chai Latte.
And clicked some pics to sketch when time permits. I don't really
think it would matter which cake you chose, they would all be as delicious
as each other. My day-trip compainion, Julie, and I decided to go again
whenever we are in Melbourne.

Then on to Federation Square.

Light Hearts, a communal art sculpture by Bruce Ramus, was a 13m-high pyramid built during
 'The Light in Winter'

Over the course of the season, opportunities existed for people of all ages to come and contribute by making a lantern, by bringing a working light from home, by knitting a lampshade, by writing a word or a poem.

Light Hearts was a joyful, communal celebration of the creative spirit of all Melburnians/ Victorians.


And lunched at Crossways enjoying the delish Friday menu of
Thai Curry & Jasmin Rice & Pineapple Halava.
Definately go again when next in Melbourne.

A random scribbled sign above the door on leaving Crossways.
'Maaaate, Love it'.

 Came home with sore feet, full belly, lots to think about & sketch and a feeling of 'Life is Good'