Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not 'High' but T, Cake & Atmosphere. A day in Melbourne.

Did go to Hopetoun Tea Rooms , did have cake and Chai Latte.
And clicked some pics to sketch when time permits. I don't really
think it would matter which cake you chose, they would all be as delicious
as each other. My day-trip compainion, Julie, and I decided to go again
whenever we are in Melbourne.

Then on to Federation Square.

Light Hearts, a communal art sculpture by Bruce Ramus, was a 13m-high pyramid built during
 'The Light in Winter'

Over the course of the season, opportunities existed for people of all ages to come and contribute by making a lantern, by bringing a working light from home, by knitting a lampshade, by writing a word or a poem.

Light Hearts was a joyful, communal celebration of the creative spirit of all Melburnians/ Victorians.


And lunched at Crossways enjoying the delish Friday menu of
Thai Curry & Jasmin Rice & Pineapple Halava.
Definately go again when next in Melbourne.

A random scribbled sign above the door on leaving Crossways.
'Maaaate, Love it'.

 Came home with sore feet, full belly, lots to think about & sketch and a feeling of 'Life is Good'

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