Sunday, August 28, 2011

Three Posts In Two Days!!

Heck, I'm on a roll.
Saturday night music, a few beers, sketchbook & pen...
Couldn't ask for more.

Phun with Photoshop......

Friday, August 26, 2011

Books On the Cheap

I have been a dedicated opp-shopper since my late teens, back when it was not 'trendy', back when one wouldn't dare say 'Oh, this dress, I got it from Vinnies'. Now everyone is doing it. It is 'In Vogue' to  recycle, re purpose, restyle or re-anything. This is all good 'specially when the world had started to become a throwaway place. But it is hard to find the really good stuff I used to get all those years ago....

Here are some Fabulous books I purchased recently all for the princely sum of:  $20

This book is Absolutely Gorgeous.......$2

Remember Those Orchids in My Garden?

Yesterday I had a go at drawing my orchids. Hmmm not really happy with the first one, but I kind of like the 'quirkiness' of the blind contour one. Hey, I didn't look at the paper once! I think I may draw better this way....    :0)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EdM Challenges In no Special Order.

In no Special Order is how I operate best.

I believe if I practice often enough I will improve my drawing, painting skills. I try to get the time whenever there is a gap of 'me time' throughout each day.

I have worked as a cleaner, hospital domestic, book binder, shop assistant, owned my own fashion store, furniture removals packer and a child care worker.
I am a stay at home house wife now, just my husband and I.  I lost my career about twelve years ago when I became ill, (long unnecessary story). I am doing well now as long as I pace myself and take breaks when I do anything strenuous.
I cared for my Dad when he was living with cancer and lived with him until the end of his beautiful life. I occasionally look after my grandchildren and I keep a very clean home and try to make all our own food. No takeaways or purchased baked goods here. We are not wealthy we are not poor, nor are we in debt.
My partner says all I do is sit at home drawing all day! Oh how I wish this was so!!! Imagine the journals I would have filled with the bestest works of art. They would be absolutely PERFECT because I would have practiced SO MUCH! Good one partner, you know how to bruise.

EdM Challenge # 209 Draw a shadow

EdM # 214 Draw something representing a fave hobby.
In real life.

EdM # 190: Draw your Palette.
They are all a bit wonky considering all the practice I get!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Attempting to draw

My beautiful orchids which flowered very early this year. And so prolific too, I have 25 flowers in one pot.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Meditation is Making Marks

I spent last weekend in Melbourne visiting my kids. It was fun and relaxing.
I have been unwell for quite some time now and I realise I have to slow down a bit, stop trying to get everything done 'Yesterday' and enjoy the moment without thinking too far ahead.
So how to stop the constant mind chatter? Yoga, meditation, massage? Nah, I like to open my journal and draw, write or doodle, my mind instantly quiets down and concentrates on the marks I am making on the paper. It doesn't matter if my drawings are not spectacular works of art, (as if!), it's great practice, it clears my mind and I have lovely little memories to look back on.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Is there ever enough time??

 Right now my mind is overwhelmed with the many projects I keep coming up with, and they all want to come to fruition at the same time. I am bursting at the face seams, or at least, it feels that way.

There are my 'Flora Inklings' to finish for a commission, at least they are started.
There are unfinished house softies, (sewn from scraps), these too I have made a start on. I have three sockies on the cutting table where I abandoned them a month ago. I have become so excited with my wacom bamboo that I can't stay away too long or I get withdrawals, seriously I do.
I have sorted out a huge bag of re-cycled patterned papers I am planning to use in a collage. I have new watercolours, inks & lino sheets all waiting to be broken in & my sketchbook is looking lonely.

Then, of course, there is all the other real life things I must do in day's work. Would it help if we had an extra day in the week?