Friday, August 26, 2011

Books On the Cheap

I have been a dedicated opp-shopper since my late teens, back when it was not 'trendy', back when one wouldn't dare say 'Oh, this dress, I got it from Vinnies'. Now everyone is doing it. It is 'In Vogue' to  recycle, re purpose, restyle or re-anything. This is all good 'specially when the world had started to become a throwaway place. But it is hard to find the really good stuff I used to get all those years ago....

Here are some Fabulous books I purchased recently all for the princely sum of:  $20

This book is Absolutely Gorgeous.......$2


Sasa said...

I'm so jealous, I love books! Would love to see what is inside of The Art Doodle Book.

cheryblosom said...

Great new books!

stewcrowther said...

Hello Clare,
Wow...Patrick Woodroffe's book Hallelujah Anyway. I have wanted that book for ages - can't find it anywhere. I used to have his first book a long time ago. Fantastic stuff.
You got some great books.

whatidoisme said...

I too love books. And I love a bargain. I've found some lovely examples of both in charity shops. Looks like some happy reading ahead for you :)