Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EdM Challenges In no Special Order.

In no Special Order is how I operate best.

I believe if I practice often enough I will improve my drawing, painting skills. I try to get the time whenever there is a gap of 'me time' throughout each day.

I have worked as a cleaner, hospital domestic, book binder, shop assistant, owned my own fashion store, furniture removals packer and a child care worker.
I am a stay at home house wife now, just my husband and I.  I lost my career about twelve years ago when I became ill, (long unnecessary story). I am doing well now as long as I pace myself and take breaks when I do anything strenuous.
I cared for my Dad when he was living with cancer and lived with him until the end of his beautiful life. I occasionally look after my grandchildren and I keep a very clean home and try to make all our own food. No takeaways or purchased baked goods here. We are not wealthy we are not poor, nor are we in debt.
My partner says all I do is sit at home drawing all day! Oh how I wish this was so!!! Imagine the journals I would have filled with the bestest works of art. They would be absolutely PERFECT because I would have practiced SO MUCH! Good one partner, you know how to bruise.

EdM Challenge # 209 Draw a shadow

EdM # 214 Draw something representing a fave hobby.
In real life.

EdM # 190: Draw your Palette.
They are all a bit wonky considering all the practice I get!!!


Jenny said...

Your pages are beautiful Clare... I especially love the first one with the shadows... fabulous...
Lovely post too :))

Jenny x

meegan said...

you've got some really cool work happening on your blog - varied, explorative, exciting.

Caatje said...

Your partner is obviously jealous of your wonderful time with drawing ;-) Ignore him and keep doing it. Repeat after me: drawing is never ever (never EVER) a waste of time!
I love your drawing of your palette. There is always something extra sweet about drawings of art materials. I wonder why?

Robin said...

They look beautiful..not "wonky"..Lolol...Uh oh I think your partner said the wrong thing..,!

Cathy Holtom said...

Keep on drawing & don't listen, you're doing really well!

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Keep drawing! You have wonderful work and I would love to see more!

Alex said...

These are all lovely! Great job ^^

Sasa said...

Great sketches, wonderful to see that you are so hard-working! And I think little 'wonkiness' just makes work more interesting :-)

debra morris said...

Great sketches, it's the best way to spend your time!

Anonymous said...

There is a great little book on being creative by Hugh McLeod (he draws cartoons on the back of business cards). The title says it all: Ignore Everybody (and 39 other keys to creativity ;)

I like your sketches very much - and I have to agree with Caatje that there is something especially attractive about drawings of art supplies. I'm also loving those geese - are they on the sticky tape?? They appear to be examining the paintbox!