Sunday, August 28, 2011

Three Posts In Two Days!!

Heck, I'm on a roll.
Saturday night music, a few beers, sketchbook & pen...
Couldn't ask for more.

Phun with Photoshop......


kazumiwannabe said...

Wow! What an awesome idea - and realisation! The design colored in photoshop looks amazing!

1artsychick said...

Oh, I just love this.
Both the sketch and the manipulation!

It looks like music...and that says a lot from someone who is hearing impaired.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
glad you enjoyed what I've done so far...still getting back in the swing of things. (haven't created art other than things for friend's nurseries, in a long time.)

Art of art's sake! Right?

see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Wow - those colours really sing out (if you'll excuse the pun). Love it.


Adriann said...

Awesome way to spend some the guitar!