Monday, November 14, 2011


I couldn't stop and have made another poster, 'Bunny Girl'. I must say I'm partial to  "Bunny Girl"  and  'Green Bunny' was chosen by 'Uncle Bob's' from my first set. Maybe they could use both.
Here is the final look.
Now I can get back to playing in my sketchbook, that's if I can stop making posters.

'Bunny Girl'

'Green Bunny'


Jenny said...

You are on a roll Clare... love bunny girl too...
Have fun playing sketching :))

Jenny x

raena said...

Oh, I like bunny girl! Awesome poster!

Sandra said...

Done! Nice job. The child and bunny are sweet and there is a softness to the shapes that is appealing.

nanke's stuff said...

Very cool! The bunny girl is very charming, and of course, the bunny is wonderful too! nancy

1artsychick said...

Oh, I just love the bunny girl!
For a children't raffle, I think she's perfect. : )

how wonderful of you to do two!


Shirley said...

Love the posters. I bet you made some people very happy.