Thursday, May 03, 2012

Day and Night and Awful Lines


I am wondering if any other people have trouble with uploading their pictures with blogger??
It can take five or six goes sometimes for my picture to load without those awful lines through it; as seen in my first picture below. I have been through Blogger with a fine-tooth comb trying to find a solution.
Such a huge waste of time! I am seriously thinking of taking my blogs to wordpress!

Please, if anyone has the same issues or can help in any way please comment.

turn over the page
Watercolour Moleskine.


Jenny said...

More beautiful pages Clare... and I love that we are on the same wavelength... I have never seen this with blogger before... the only people having problems that I have heard of... are those using Internet Explorer... wonder what browser you are using...

Jenny x

Timaree said...

I use internet explorer and haven't had trouble with these lines. What is the size of the picture you are uploading? Perhaps it is too big? Around 800 pixels is plenty big and they upload fast. I don't know what else could be the problem. You might go to the blogger forum and ask if anyone else has this problem.