Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Those Lines

Thank you EVERYONE for  your comments on my last post. I appreciate the suggestions and help you offered.
A few of you mentioned you could not see any lines through my pics. That was probably due to the fact I had to upload them at least five times each before they were even close to presentable.

The pic below is an example of the problem I am having when I upload. 

I don't believe it is a prob with my camera or scanner. And it never, ever
used to happen before and I do not seem to have the problems with any other place other than Blogger.

 The caravan and the dog both uploaded, no lines on the first try.
Both 900 x 676 pix and high quality files???

 This one has the lines too.

With the two pics below I went back into photoshop and made them smaller still,
700 x 576 pix and saved them as medium files. They uploaded first time without the lines.
Hopefully I have a fix!!

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Jenny said...

Oh Clare... hope that this isn't going to happen anymore for you... do you use Picasa... I put all my pics into there... brighten, adjust etc... and export them to my blog folder at 800... I wonder if that would be easier... doing them all together than each one in Photoshop... it is a free download... love today's sketches... especially the caravan... it is so sweet...

Jenny x