Friday, August 10, 2012

London, Paris, Home..........

London, Paris, Scotland

Recently I was fortunate enough to have spent, part of May, all of June and a few days in July travelling London, Paris and Scotland and have had an amazing experience. I can't really explain how much this trip has influenced me and changed me. I always thought I would not, ever, go to see the places in the world that I had dreamt of going. And yet, I did. Thanks to my darling  Dad!! When he passed away he left me the money and the instructions to go, travel and see the world. It has been almost four years since my hero passed away and 2012 has been the year for me to see the world.
I have experienced so much in the few weeks I was away, museums, galleries, architecture and castles and More. I fully intend to return to Paris and London and Portugal and then see Italy next year. I am very fortunate!!

No 8 Rue Des Moulins is where we stayed in Paris, It was a gorgeous little ground floor apartment with everything we could possibly need. Our host, Naomi, was an absolute darling, her family were equally wonderful and I can totally recommend this wonderful little place smack bang  in the first arrondissement in Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful Clare! What a great location! I have never gotten over Paris and hope to go back again one day - or many days!!!