Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Magical Day

Spent With Four Beautiful Women.
 Art supplies, inspiration, laughter, play,  friends and new friendships....... What more can I say? Today I had a perfectly delightful day.
And the best thing is, we are going to make a habit of it!! 


Jenny said...

LOVED it too Clare... so much fun... an absolutely perfect day... and oh my gosh your pages are beautiful... and your hand carved stamps amazing... thank you for inspiring me... I've pulled out my moleskine...

Jenny x

Jenxo said...

ooh how fantastic does your finished page look, just love it...:) had a loverly day , so nice to finally meet you :)

Anonymous said...

Great page Clare, What a great day.Tried to buy a Moelskine in Bendigo yesterday no luck,any suggestions where I can buy one.Im itchin to start a journal..Wendy D