Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Parcels..........

............And Beautiful Artworks are being made on teeny, tiny bits of paper.

I belong to a small, newly formed group of five creative women who love nothing more than getting together around a table to experiment, dabble in and play with mixed media yumminess and sharing our books and ideas. Of course we also enjoy talking, eating cake and sipping coffee or tea.
Last time we got together, which was actually our first time, we had a great time playing with JenXO's 'Gelli Plate' making gorgeous prints, we shared the loveliness inside our sketchbooks and journals, all oohing and ahhing at the sumptuous pages and we carved the most amazing little rubber stamps.  Delighted with our carvings we decided to make ATC's to swap at our next 'Play Day'.
Yesterday was our second play day and we swapped our ATC's pictured below.
Our member Lynne lives in Queensland so we will mail her our cards and she will mail hers to us.

Jenny R


This and the ones below are mine; silly me thought Atc's were to be made all different.
My carved stamps are the teapot and cup. To keep in with the theme I added a
T bag to each little card.

Our swapping done we than went on to making printing rollers to use as backgrounds in our journals and art works.  We cut shapes from sticky foam sheets and stuck them to cardboard rolls, covered them in lots of paint colours and made prints, the results were stunning. I have not taken pics of mine yet and I didn't get photos of the others prints, Grrr!


Jenny said...

We had such a wonderful afternoon Clare... so much fun... the roller stamps were great... the ATC's were gorgeous... and I loved your beautiful arrangement with the tea bags... can't wait until we meet again :))

Jenny ♥

Jenxo said...

and what a fab day it was :) it was just way tooo short ....loved all my atcs , cant wait for the next one...:)

Clare said...

Thanks Jen 1 & Jen 2. I need all the visitors I can get.XX