Tuesday, October 09, 2012

ShushSmash "Ripoff"

In Love With Typo
Recipe for
'SSSSmash Ripoff '
Ingredients: 1: Typo Make & Create Book. ( I got mine from DFO, Melb for same price)
1: Guillotine
1: Hole punch
A mixture of all the papers, ephemera, ('all the might come in useful' bits),
and stuff you have been saving forever, & don't try to tell me you haven't
accumulated such items.
Remember to include some beautiful watercolour paper, strong brown paper,
heavy scrap booking papers, large and small envelopes and even tissue.
Whatever floats your boat and gets the juices flowing. The combination of
pages is endless and your choices make the journal more personal.
Method: Pull the spirals apart and empty pages out of the book.
Keep some to put back in, as many as you like. Using a paper guillotine
cut all your new pages to size. I have some smaller and most the same size as
the original paper. Use one original paper as a template to work out where to punch the holes. Reassemble any way you wish. 

Rub: Copious amounts of 'Deep Heat' or similar on wrists after hole punching!!!
At first I put mine back together with too many pages and had to redo it.

Apologies for unattractive photos, good lighting not to be found, too rushed to set up a nice background and my camera is reaching retirement age.

The printed square pages also came from Typo, they are sold as a pad.

My next project will be to 'Smash' Typo's Bolted Journal It is only 5 bucks!

 All ready to fill with wonderful drawings, paintings, ideas, memories and stories.


Tammie Lee said...

hi Clare, you must be so happy with this! as i look at it i see endless inspiration. for any mood you can flip through and find a page that inspires you. fabulous!

Jenxo said...

love love love this idea :)very clever :)

Vicki Holdwick said...

Wonderful idea for a smash book.

I followed you over from your comment on Stefano's blog and have subscribed.

Looking forward to more of your art,


Dan Kent said...

I always admire you folks that can make books. Of course I read your ingredients when I was not in my most alert state and thought I was going to have a description of the Spanish inquisition. relieved I was wrong. ;) I wonder if there is a way to make a book with paper that can be held in place and then removed without holes.

Clare said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the feedback. Haha Dan, The Guillotine had you worried! Hmmn, 'holeless pages', Bulldog Clips maybe?

Jenny said...

Awesome Clare... I LOVE it... can't wait to see it in real life... and the copious amounts of deep heat made me smile :))

Jenny ♥

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hey, Clare! Great blog you have here. I love this smash book "rip off"! What a great idea. I enjoyed looking at your many different styles. I'll be back to browse when I can sit back with a hot beverage and an hour to kill! :o)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this book Clare!