Monday, October 29, 2012

Travelling Apps.

In Trains, planes & Automobiles......

It is not always sensible or easy to pull out my favourite arty supplies when travelling and I need to be scribbling or making something. I found the next best thing is to grab the Ipad and have a play with 'Art Set' or similar. A simple app with which I can experiment with my handmade works to see how they might look if I apply this or that. For example, my girl below has been softened and I like the look so I might apply a medium to the actual canvas and soften the overall effect. Then I can try some hair styles in Art Set and see if I like them.

If I don't like the hair I just delete and try something new.

I still have the original photo and canvas or works on paper so it doesn't matter if I stuff up as I have not ruined or lost anything.

Sister Nasty repeats. One of her is more than enough. But fun to experiment.

An app altered image of a photo from my garden. The textures are amazing and I will try and paint them on canvas.

If you have an Ipad do experiment, it's so much fun and is a great tool for seeing your creations in a new way. Not to mention a perfect 'no spill, no bump' way to play while travelling. 

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Jenny said...

How fabulous Clare... and such a fun idea... I really love the repeats of Sister Nasty... but yes... one is more than enough... and awesome garden photo... will be beautiful on canvas...

Jenny ♥