Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Got The Bug....


The Face Bug:  that is.....

What a shame I wasn't organised and ready to participate in the last 29 faces Challenge. mainly due to the fact that I am hooked on drawing, sketching, practising and scribbling faces. I keep trying to get  realistic facial proportions but also adding my own style. It really isn't as easy as I thought it would be. However, it is always enjoyable.

Dorothy, her friends call her 'Dot'
Tom bow pen on kitchen paper towel.
Surviving hospital waiting rooms.

Added a wee bit of colour and I like it..............I think she does too.

Enjoy your day::

Monday, March 11, 2013

Stress Less.


And Draw More.


The only way for me to relieve stress is through my pencils.


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Playing with Jane and

Wendy and Jenny and Jen....

At the Melbourne Paper craft Show.
Wendy, Jen and I, along with many other excited students, had the pleasure of spending two hours with Jane Davenport in her workshop, Arty Party with Jane Davenport.
It was lots of fun to play around with paper and paste then to gesso areas to find unique images to use in the final painting. Every ones work looked so different even though we used the same face to begin with. The faces were made with Jane's stencils which is a wonderful way for beginners to get an idea of shapes, features, etc.
I was a wee bit disappointed with using stencils as I had presumed we were going to learn Jane's style of face painting. I did buy the stencils and have decided I will only use them in my backgrounds as I want to make my own images so I can improve my art work particularly my faces.
With our pages almost finished we spent the day Shopping, Shopping and then Shopping. I have so many gorgeous supplies to keep me going for months now and I have vowed to myself I will not buy anything else art related until I have used them all. Hmmm.... except I really do need some matte medium and sponge dabbers.... oh, and a palette knife. That is all! :)
'She Has Horns':  This will be the cover page to an art Journal Jane showed us how to make.
One of the pages I finished at home after the workshop.

Hope you have a Gorgeous Creative Long Weekend!


Friday, March 01, 2013

Books: Sex and Science and Art...OH MY.

So did the Sex get you in?

I have received lots of new books over the past month. Some were Birthday gifts others were  'sneaky' little presents to me, from me, because I deserved them of course. :)
The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants. by: Wolfgang Stuppy
I was in two minds over buying this book, I didn't  really need it, I simply wanted it .  
Come to think of it I don't particularly need most of the books I lust after but the do make me happy. 
My books inspire me to create, imagine and dream. They take me to worlds I would never otherwise visit and challenge me to truly see beyond my own existence.
My books are like friends... jacketed, sleeved and beautifully bound always willing to spend a little quiet time with me.
I am delighted my wants won over my needs. This book is one now of my 'new' and favourite Friends.  
 The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants..
Is a glorious feast for the eyes.
The black glossy pages, filled with enlarged images of  pollens, seeds, plants and fruits investigates and illustrates the intricate sex life of plants.
Such images can not be seen by the naked eye and it's hard to imagine they actually exist. 
They're incredibly delicate and captivating, wildly colourful and sensual.
It's biology, science, art and beauty in one extraordinary book. 

If you are in Australia and would love this book at a great price click on the book's image
link on the right hand bar.

Have a wonderfully Colourful Day!
Clare XX