Saturday, September 28, 2013

29 Faces Challenge September 2013

29 Faces Challenge


#26 has now become #27.....

I have finished her off with my Inktense Pencils.
I quite like her.

And a bit of prisma doodling in my moleskine.



Friday, September 27, 2013

29 Faces Challenge September 2013

29 Faces Challenge.


#25: 'Another Scribbler Too' because spare time has been in limited supply and I don't want to finish up this challenge without completing all twenty nine faces. Using Scribbler is quite challenging for me as it is hard to control where the lines are going to appear and just how the drawing will end up. But it is such fun to play with.

# 26:  WIP.  Graphite in handmade book.
This one I will finish off with Inktense watercolour pencils. 

Wishing my blog visitors a wonderful weekend.


Monday, September 23, 2013

29 Faces Challenge, September 2013

29 Faces Challenge

#23. Graphite in handmade book.
        Only five faces to go.

# 24.  And one of the sweetest faces I ever laid eyes on...
        My granddaughter Camie.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

29 Faces Challenge, September 2013

29 Faces Challenge.


With some helpful critiquing from Mika Diaz
from Motley Soul Face 2 Face workshop
I have already seen an improvement in
my placement of facial features.
Thank You Mika.........

Now this picture is loaded onto the screen I can see that the lips are too big and I need to improve with the overall shading. Still waiting for my printer to come home from the repair shop so I still don't have the worksheets to use for reference lines.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

29 Faces Challenge 2013

29 Faces Challenge


Face to Face Workshop


# 20..........Is # 14 with hair added.
#21. Practising faces for 'Face 2 Face' Course,

#22. More Practise.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

29 Faces Challenge 2013

29 Faces Challenge September 2013


 I have just spent three amazing days with

four of the most beautiful, talented, fun loving artists,
and I have to say it was a weekend I will never, ever forget.
Not only are these Wonder- Full Women creatively awe inspiring,
they are beautiful from the inside out, and in my eyes they are
God's Creative gifts to me.
Together we painted a huge piece of 'duck cloth', then cut and shared it. 
Oh My, it turned out Sensational!
We sat at a large table chatting, laughing, eating and playing with our art goodies.
We mulled over life's problems, gave support and received support.
We beach walked, SHOPPED in art stores, had fish and chips at the beach, ate out posh,
had a wee wine and beer together and enjoyed every memory making moment,
with the added memory-bonus of art works to take home and enjoy always.
Thank you my dear 'MMG FRIENDS',
I Love You All.
I even managed to squish in some faces for 29 Faces Challenge and here they are.



And the page of them all.


The Collaborative Cloth.


Lynne, Jenny and Jenxo.... :)

Close Ups.

The Heavenly View.

Beautiful Wendy at the Big Table.

All of Us.
Image Belongs to Jenxo

Image belongs to Jenny Rodda 

Monday, September 16, 2013

29 Faces Challenge 2013

29 Faces September 2013:


Sketching faces in Moleskine.

#14 :

Found Face in Scribbles.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apes on Acid? No...........

Giraffes On Gelli...

Splattering ink in my moleskine is one of my favourite pastimes lately and, along with my Gelli addiction, it can lead to unexpected outcomes and visual delights.
One lovely image to come out of a random splatter, with just a wee bit ink blowing, was this lovely giraffe silhouette.
Being the' Giraffe Fan' that I am I was excited, (some would say 'Get A Life Clare'), but truly I was elated with my find and had to take it further. I wanted this lean, long necked lovely lasting longer. What to do? Make a stencil from it. And so I traced around him, transferred it onto cardboard and cut out a stencil. I now have my giraffe to play arty with whenever I like.
I cannot show the original Giraffe splatter because I have made it for an art swap and the recipient has not seen it yet.
Below is what I have made with the stencil.
Half ink, half Gelli background, giraffe stencil.

A Tower of Giraffes.

Positive and Negative cut-outs.
Enjoy Your Wednesday...



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

29 Faces Challenge 2013



29 Faces Challenge



A beautiful woman is the one who never compares herself with others, because what others have doesn't make her feel insecure.

I see I have written #8 on this, but it actually #9.

29 Faces Challenge 2013

29 Faces Challenge :


Practising Ears..............
I have a devilish time with rendering the EARS!
They either end up looking like cup handles or oyster shells  :(
Practise, Practice and Practice.

# 6 and 7


# 8:

Another 'Scribbler Too' face. Handy to use when 'time poor'.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Messing up The Moleskine

The Blank Page.

Like many creatives I would often stare at my blank page
and wish I could lay down something fresh and original.
However my imagination or 'muse' was often stifled by the
necessary everyday tasks at hand.
At the end of the day I'd relax in my favourite spot and stare at the white page 
and wonder what will I draw now that my brain is tired
and my imagination has said goodnight?


I would just doodle, there is nothing wrong with that, I love doodling!
And I have made some doodled pages I enjoy looking at.
 One evening It struck me, I was expecting myself to create perfect
works of art in my sketchbook! Silly Me, it's a sketchbook for heavens sake! 
And it's my hobby book, a place where I draw,
play around with mixed media, practise and jot down my thought and ideas.

'Back to Basics'

Every day now, whenever I have a spare moment, I open my book
 and splotch in some ink or watercolour paint & blow it around a little,
gelli in a background, spray over a transfer, stick in a torn shape or two
and draw funny little sketches all on different pages,
all without thinking about what it is I am doing.
Then when I retire to the favourite spot at the end of the day
I open any page and my imagination takes over, my eyes see all sorts of
exciting images instead of a blank white page.
And I create without caring about perfection and the best thing
is I like what I see.
29 faces: 10, 11, 12.

Gelly Printed & Inky Backgrounds waiting to inspire me.

Examples of Found Images in Backgrounds.

Gelli Print Using a Rhubarb Leaf

Gelli Print Using a Peg Basket

Ink Sprayed Through A Stencil

29 faces # 13 Ink, Stencil & Found Face

Above & Below, Ink Spray through Peg Basket.

If you dropped in today I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a Happy Friday and a Marvellous Weekend..........