Tuesday, September 17, 2013

29 Faces Challenge 2013

29 Faces Challenge September 2013


 I have just spent three amazing days with

four of the most beautiful, talented, fun loving artists,
and I have to say it was a weekend I will never, ever forget.
Not only are these Wonder- Full Women creatively awe inspiring,
they are beautiful from the inside out, and in my eyes they are
God's Creative gifts to me.
Together we painted a huge piece of 'duck cloth', then cut and shared it. 
Oh My, it turned out Sensational!
We sat at a large table chatting, laughing, eating and playing with our art goodies.
We mulled over life's problems, gave support and received support.
We beach walked, SHOPPED in art stores, had fish and chips at the beach, ate out posh,
had a wee wine and beer together and enjoyed every memory making moment,
with the added memory-bonus of art works to take home and enjoy always.
Thank you my dear 'MMG FRIENDS',
I Love You All.
I even managed to squish in some faces for 29 Faces Challenge and here they are.



And the page of them all.


The Collaborative Cloth.


Lynne, Jenny and Jenxo.... :)

Close Ups.

The Heavenly View.

Beautiful Wendy at the Big Table.

All of Us.
Image Belongs to Jenxo

Image belongs to Jenny Rodda 


SLScheibe said...

WOW! That collaborative cloth is spectacular! And your faces for the challenge are so delicious with all of that color and bold design. Really gorgeous art here! :)

Diane ~ said...

oh my what a time and wonderful life experience you and your friends had together! and the art you created is simply joyful! :)

Jen xo said...

it really was a special time, one I will remember forever......I loved seeing how you go about your faces...your final page is just wonderful and I loved your mushroom heads on the cloth tooo..xxx

Jenny said...

Oh Clare... what a beautiful post... our days away together were nothing short of magical... I loved every minute with you all... and I just adore your gorgeous faces... was so lovely to watch your pages unfold before us over the weekend...

Jenny ♥

Annie said...

Clare it sounds like you had a magical weekend sharing with friends. The art you all created was awesome. I am jealous :) You all need to move to Queensland as I want to tag along :)

Ila East said...

Your faces are so creative. So far I haven't been able to break out of either drawing or trying to paint realistically.

Astera said...

Hi Clare! thank you for stepping by my blog! Your faces are fantastic! Your colorful art is so full of energy and happiness I can't stop looking at it! :)

Tammie Lee said...

golly gosh, looks and sounds as though you had a wonderful time!!
fabulous art and great friends. thank you for sharing your sacred time together!

www.dorissdaughter.com said...

Wow! I love the collaborative art you girls created. Your weekend away sounds awesome and by looking at the photos you all had the most wonderful time ever. What beautiful memories!

bellefrogworks said...

Art at the beach - my idea of heaven! Love all your fun faces and that collaborative cloth is wonderful.

Debbie said...

I love your faces on the cloth -- what a beautiful project to do together! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!