Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creativity and Teaching Children

Something I Need To Say.....

But I can't quite find the words.

I plan to work on an art journal page to process my thoughts and feelings on this subject but in the meantime I have these offerings............

As I seem to be struggling with writers block more and more lately I am hoping these links will provide visitors to my blog what it is I wish to convey about what my 'High Functioning Autistic' six year old, Grandson has been experiencing during his first year at school.
 I believe we need to really think about this proverb and start thinking about the future of education in the 21st Century. 

Sir Ken Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity.
Intelligent, Funny, Honest and Inspiring.
An excellent Ted Talk not to be missed!!!!
Hope you enjoyed these links.
I feel the urge to go and Create.   :)

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