Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feeling Uninspired..............

And in a rut with my art. 

Am I becoming stifled by image overload, by searching for inspiration online? Yes!
I am realizing this is my problem and I need to go back to the point in time when I was creating from MY head, heart and soul.
This morning I decided to revisit my beginnings in  this journey, a time when I was listening to my heart and making from within.

By looking at my previous playful drawings and art I feel inspired to go back to making art without thinking or planning. By just letting it happen, letting it flow and never judging the end results. I feel so much

Happier Now.

Happy Sunday,

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Jenny said...

Oh Clare... such delicious eye candy... your pages are stunning and beautiful... can so relate to image overload.. as always... you are incredibly inspiring...

Jenny ♥